Racheal is SMILE’s Project Facilitator and is here to help encourage you in your next steps; socialising, getting fitter, further learning or finding work.

Racheal will put you in touch with specialised people who can help you out of tough times.

SMILE is the reason I actually have my 2 young children … I was full of self-doubt whether I could actually do it alone again… being a part of smile means I’m not a lone parent. It takes a community to raise children.’

We have lots of connections with local churches and community groups. So we can help you find things to keep you and your family busy.

Peer support happens naturally in our community, whatever your situation we’ll have a mum who has been through something similar and can help you along your way.

‘Knowing that there are others around who know your challenges, can support you when needed and also enables you to share your experience and knowledge. This allows for growth both personally and within the community.’

SMILE can provide Food Bank and Social Supermarket vouchers if needed.

You can contact Racheal by text on: 07954 377295

Come and join us at the SMILE Coffee group where there is always someone to listen… and hopefully we can make you smile!

You can help us to make a difference to lone parent families…